Climate activists attacked a Tesla factory in Germany

Thus, leftists demonstrated their opposition to the American automaker. “Today we sabotaged Tesla,” they said in a message posted Tuesday. The police are investigating the authenticity of the message.

Tesla factory without electricity

As a result of the action by climate activists, production at Tesla's only factory in Europe was temporarily suspended on Tuesday morning and the factory was evacuated. The police are investigating the case. It was indicated that it was most likely arson.

The German Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday that unidentified persons deliberately set fire to an electricity pole in the eastern part of the city of Brandenburg, near Berlin. The fire damaged the high-voltage line so much that power was cut off to nearby towns and the Tesla factory. Not only the factory, but also the city of Erkner and part of Berlin were temporarily without power. The State Bureau of Investigation began an investigation. The aforementioned electricity pole was standing in a field and was not surrounded by a fence.

“Activists” wandering in the forest

Bild reports that last Thursday, 100 Tesla opponents occupied a wooded area near the factory and installed several temporary shelters among the trees. The police announced that they would tolerate the protest until March 15, on the condition that “activists” were not allowed to set fires or scatter garbage in the forest. “So far, the 'Stop Tesla' and 'Robin Wood' protests have been peaceful,” the newspaper wrote.

The “Bild” portal also indicated that the same group was suspected in the past of setting an arson fire, which led to a power outage at the Tesla factory construction site. This happened in 2021. Then climate scientists complained that they did not want the company in Germany because it was “not green, environmental or social”.

Climate scientists announce the intensification of direct confrontation

Last Generation Climate Activists, another extreme climate group, announced a “change in strategy” at the start of Sunflowers.

“Instead of dividing into small groups and blocking roads, we will organize numerous gatherings,” the “Last Generation” activists said. They announced that they would no longer commit to cutting off roads. However, they plan to appear more in “climate-damaged” places.

This includes mines, oil pipelines, airports and energy company buildings.

The new strategy of “climate activists” is to “intensify direct confrontation” with people they consider responsible for climate damage.. The extremists announced that their activity would also include “challenging politicians and other decision-makers publicly, and also in front of the cameras.”

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