A Russian spy was preparing to attack the port – O2

After the start of the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian services recruited an official from one of the Izmail River port companies. The agent was to collect location information in the city at the request of the assailant Territorial defense forcesAs well as vital infrastructure facilities. It primarily concerned the location of power plants and other municipal energy facilities.

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The information that the agent was gathering was needed by the Russian military to organize a series of missile attacks on Ukrainian targets. They were also interested in the locations of the Ukrainian checkpoints. The agent examined how they were built, how many people were in them, and what weapons they were equipped with. Then he transferred the results to the Russian side.

The Russian agent is caught just in time

The Russian customer was tracked down early enough. Members of the Security Service of Ukraine continuously monitored the suspect’s activities. He was arrested when he tried to provide confidential data to the Russian aggressor. His full interview consisted of electronic coordinates and photographic material. It was all sent via an anonymous Telegram account. During the search, a telephone was found with the detainee, with evidence of correspondence with hostile forces.

The man is accused of treason. The court decided to remand him.

Investigators are still trying to determine the exact circumstances of the detainee’s work And whether there are other people on the Ukrainian side who should be held accountable.

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