Global box office: Barbie and Oppenheimer stop in China
Despite the continuous attack of Chinese production, this time the platform in the global box office is entirely owned by Hollywood. “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” conquered the world audience. And Tom Cruise doesn’t go down without a fight.

“Barbie” Beat all expectations with a very exceptional opening. The film made money over the weekend $141 million, since premiering Wednesday, up to 182 million. This is the best opening that Warner Bros. has ever produced. It is not part of any of its many franchises. When it comes to Hollywood productions, yes This year, only “Fast and Furious 10” had a better opening week in the world.

“Barbie” He went to 69 countries of the world. At 55 she was number one (losing, among other things, in China, where she finished fifth). It had a year’s best opening in 18 countries and a World Bank’s best opening in 16 countries.

Markets that brought in the most revenue “Barbie”are: United Kingdom ($22.9 million), Mexico ($22.3 million), Brazil ($15.9 million), Australia ($14.6 million), Spain ($9.9 million), France ($9.8 million), China ($8.6 million) and Italy ($8.2 million).

Trailer for the movie “Barbie”

impact Barpenheimer I also worked in the world. “Oppenheimer” It happened over the weekend $77.7 millionand $93.7 million since Wednesday’s release. Only the second and third installments of the Batman trilogy gave Christopher Nolan better openings.

“Oppenheimer” It was shown in theaters in 78 countries. At the age of 36, he had the best opening of Nolan’s career. And in India, it is already his highest-grossing film of all time.

The best openings “Oppenheimer” In these countries: Great Britain ($13.3 million), India (7 million), France (6.6 million), Germany (6.4 million), Australia (6.3 million), Mexico (4.5 million), Saudi Arabia (3.9 million) and Spain (3.5 million).

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1 Complete the platform with the amount $55.0 million. Supply experienced a strong decline, which was somewhat consumed by Japan. There, the movie just hit theaters and made $7.9 million on a good day. This opening is 1/4 better than “He falls”. After 12 days in cinemas Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1 Already a quarter of a billion dollars in the world. Globally, its revenue amounts to approximately 371 million.

Top Chinese news of the week, Incredible Fairy Tales premiered at just fourth place “Feng shen Di yi bu: Zhao Ge feng yun” (Creation of Gods 1: Kingdom of Storms). part One fengshen trilogy It disappointed it and only made its opening weekend $44.8 million. The movie premiered Thursday, so it’s made $56.6 million in total.

There will be a big surprise in China. It was really close to being in cinemas during its third weekend “Chang An” He took first place. In the end, the animators made money $42.6 million. It ranks fifth on our list. The total revenue of the film is 176.8 million dollars.

The sixth place in Poland went to the second Chinese grandmother, “Zhao Ning Yi Jia Ren” (ZQ offers). This live-action/CG-animated fantasy comedy grossed money in its first three days in theaters 33 million dollars.

And we stay in China. Seventh place belongs to “Ba Jiao Long Zong” (never say never). The film made money over the weekend $21.7 million With a total of US$274.9 million, it was among the ten highest-grossing premieres of the year.

It was another Hollywood production at only eighth place. It’s a cartoon We have elementswhich resisted Barpenheimer’s invasion and obtained a distinction $18.3 million. The film has become a real phenomenon in South Korea, where it just won “not in my head” It became Pixar’s highest-grossing production.

Terror dropped from fifth place to ninth Note: the red door.. During its second weekend in cinemas around the world, the film grossed $12 million. This adds up to $84.8 million in total. After adding America’s revenues, we get an amount of $155.8 million.

Closes the top ten “Indiana Jones and the Relic of Destiny”, which fiercely fought for this place with two Chinese productions. The LucasFilm show only took place over the weekend $8.2 millionwhich gives a total of $176 million, and $335 million worldwide.

The highest-grossing releases of 2023 without America

# Title influence without America
Total proceeds
the first show
1 Super Mario Bros. film $775.9 $1,349.9 USD 5.04 United States of America
2 Man Jiang Hong $673.7 $673.7 22.01 China
3 Liu Lang DQ 2 $599.5 $604.5 22.01 China
4 fast and furious 10 $572.6 $718.6 17.05 United States of America
5 Xiao Shi Di Ta $499.0 $499.0 22.06 China
6 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 $484.8 $843.6 3.05 United States of America
7 Spider-Man: Through the Multiverse $300.2 $675.4 31.05 United States of America
8 Ba Jiao Long Zong (new) $274.9 $274.9 6.07 China
9 Transformers: Beast Awakens[-1][-1) $271.5 $427.1 6.06 United States of America
10 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania[-1][-1) $261.6 $476.1 15.02 United States of America
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