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The first installment of the Just for Laughs Gala, co-hosted by comedian Bill Roy and singer Roxane Bruneau, offered a half-dozen numbers Thursday at 6 p.m. at Theater Maisonneuve. get up Linked in 220! A brief but intense evening.

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Luck Boulanger

Luck Boulanger

Let’s remember one thing from the beginning. Traditional Just for Laughs galas are made-for-television shows. At the beginning with the chairman of the meeting; The content is divided into two programs per evening; Blinding lights are aimed at the audience on the floor, not the performers on stage. However, if we accept the “television studio” convention, we can happily take the rolling fire of a show that falls flat at 75 minutes.

Photo by Sarah Mongeve-Birkett, The Press

Phil Roy and Roxane Bruneau, the “new” Laurel and Hardy?

This is Roxane Bruneau’s first time hosting a comedy show. Singer “Veteran” Bill Roy (who later co-hosted two White Card Evenings in 2019 and 2020) said he was under a lot of stress: “You look like a dryer-shrunk version of Anik Jean”, Roy called him. He put her at ease.

Both met during the program Who can sing? They say there is chemistry in life. However, in their opening count, their complicity is not obvious. From Laurel and Hardy to Dominic and Martin, a classic little and big jack in comedy, noted their sizes.

King of the evening

Among their guests, Eddie King was well received by the public for a political number. Former candidate Big Brother Celebrities He began his painting by explaining communism and capitalism to children. He continued with NATO, the war in Ukraine, Putin’s dictatorship and xenophobia…and eventually played the head of Quebec’s “Gaytons”. A sociologically clever number!

Sylvie Tourigny, in her ineffable carol Eternal Turtleneck, also provides great, absurd comedy. To mark 40e On the anniversary of Just for Laughs, his character gave some tips and tricks for success Party festival Plus, we would have liked more female comedians in the first episode. Because the female heir seems to have wind in its sails! (Marilyn Gendron was supposed to be at the gala, but we didn’t see her.)

Photo by Sarah Mongeve-Birkett, The Press

Sylvie Tourigny, with her eternal turtleneck with her ineffable carol, provides great comedy during the gala at the Théâtre Maisonneuve.

Faster-than-a-shadow comedian Simon Delisle returns to the pandemic and our collective exhaustion: “It’s been hard, what we’ve been through! To finish with a crude, “graphic” joke about meeting with his banker to negotiate a mortgage. Let’s just say subtlety isn’t his cup of tea.

Adip Alcalidae, who is part of all galas, skilfully navigated the bias that “white wool” Cubans have toward foreigners. Before Anne finishes with a valve on “Casabouuuneee”!!

Then Martin Perisolo summed up the fatigue of many of his contemporaries: “We live in the greatest end of the world! We go straight into the wall. “A feeling of infection is very anxiety-inducing. However, judging by this brief sample get up As seen Thursday evening, the sentiment is rooted in the humor of the times.

The series of festival gigs continues Friday with Richardson Zephyr and Eddie King; Later on Saturday evening, Rosalie Vaillancourt hosted the fourth and final program in French.

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