Israel.  The ground under the pond collapsed.  Two men were dragged into a 15-meter hole [WIDEO] |  world News

Thursday afternoon in a private estate in downtown Karmi Joseph Israel There was a company event where – as stated in “Times of Israel– About 50 people participated, and at the time of the tragedy six of them were playing Swimming pool.

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Israel. The ground under the pond collapsed. Two men entered

– This is a very unusual incident. When I got there, I saw a hole opening at the bottom of the pool in the backyard. Paramedic Uri Damari said, quoting Paramedic Uri Damari, “Witnesses told me that the ground suddenly began to collapse and that in a matter of seconds all the water was sucked out of the pond.”Jerusalem Post“- A vortex formed and pulled two people into the stream.”

His words are confirmed by the event recording:

Watch the video
The boy was drowning in the middle of the crowded pond. The other people were swimming quietly

Stream down the pond. The body of a man at the end of a 15-meter tunnel

A 34-year-old man came out of the hole on his own. He sustained minor injuries to the head and extremities. After the initial treatment by paramedics, he was taken to the hospital.

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After an elaborate search that lasted four hours, at the end of a 15-meter tunnel, the rescue services found the body of another man. Israeli The media He emphasized that the rescuers took a lot of risks – there was a fear that the tunnels coming out of the stream would collapse.

police An investigation has been opened into the death of the participant Events – Determines, among other things, whether the swimming pool complies with safety standards.

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