Clerk not available: The swindler goes home instead of going to jail

A fraudster who stole nearly $ 750,000 from the company where she worked can thank the lesser staff of the court, meaning she could not enjoy punishment today.

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“It’s because there are no clerks,” lamented Judge Jean-Jacques Cogne, who announced today that he’s postponing the case of Georgia Tsanetakos in Montreal court.

Equipped with a small suitcase containing his personal effects, the 61-year-old swindler appeared to be ready to go to the cells. In the next room, Judge Karen Kikuver also appeared to be ready to reprimand her, but in the absence of a clerk, the trial could not proceed.

Janettagos was able to return home with his wife when he had to face his sentence for defrauding the salaries of 566 employees of Claire de Loon while failing to go to jail and waiting for the next court date.

The fraudster, who worked there from 2008 to 2014, used his position as an accountant in charge of the payroll to sort his bags.

“He changed the account numbers of employees in the pay system and falsified the number of hours worked in the records of former employees,” the summary of facts states. He has misused the salaries of 566 employees through this scheme.

Missing staff

The company then went bankrupt, but the summary of the facts states that there was no direct connection to Janetagos’ fraud, he was caught while on vacation, and an employee complained on his behalf that he had not received his pay.

Since the fall, many actors in the judicial world have lamented the lack of court support staff. Among other things, many bailiffs and clerks have quit their jobs due to non-competitive salaries, and the Ministry of Justice is struggling to fill the vacancies.

It is not uncommon for courtrooms to open late, and sometimes they are completely closed, leaving cases stagnant.

“Without significant changes to improve substantial gravity and retention […]We are dangerously close to a breaking point where the courts can no longer carry out their work, “said Jacques Bornier, chief justice of Quebec’s High Court.

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