June 1, 2023


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Comedian Norm McDonald dies at 61

Comedian Norm McDonald dies at 61

Comedian and comedian Norm McDonald died of cancer on Tuesday at the age of 61.

Information about his death was confirmed by his managers to the cultural website Deadline.

Born in Quebec in October 1959, the Canadian has been battling cancer for more than nine years, according to his relatives.

“He’s very proud of his sense of humor. He never wanted his diagnosis to change the public view of his work,” said his longtime friend Lori Joe Hoxtra.

“Norm is a pure comedian. He once wrote that a comedian should always catch someone and never flatter him. He never did it. He will be very much missed.”

Writer, screenwriter and comedian, Norm McDonald was part of the cast of the famous show Live Saturday night Between 1993 and 1998.

He was the one who established the radical style of news readers of this section. Weekend update.

Thus, his criticisms and jokes about OJ Simpson during the American athlete’s setback gave him a lot of advice from NBC management.

Norm McDonald impersonated long-forgotten Burt Reynolds in a parody of the show. Jeopardy To SNL.

Born in Quebec in October 1959, McDonald began his career in comedy clubs across Canada.

He became a screenwriter for many shows and series, including the popular sitcom Rosen.

After leaving SNL, he got his own show Norm Show For two seasons.

He hosted the 2018 Norm McDonald Hose Show talk show on the Netflix site.

Comedian Mike Ward, according to him, said in frequent interviews that Norm McDonald is the best comedian of all time, he responded on Twitter in the afternoon.

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“Norm McDonald is the best,” he shared.