AEW Dynamite: MJF has the ROH titles stolen by Team Devils

MJF was unable to keep his promise to Adam Cole as he lost the ROH Tag Team Titles.

MJF and Samoa Joe were scheduled to defend the titles on December 27 at AEW Dynamite against two masked men from The Devils Group, but Joe was attacked before the match and MJF was left alone. After cheating using a steel pipe, MJF lost the match and tag team titles.

MJF found himself attacked by the entire clan after the match, but Samo Joe came to chase them out of the ring with a chair, but not for long. The The Devil appears on the TitanTron to thank Joe for his services And Samoa Joe hits MJF in the back with a chair:

Samoa Joe will face MJF at Worlds End this Saturday, December 30, 2023 for the AEW World Championship. Aired on Thriller TV (formerly known as FiteTV). The final map can be viewed at this link.

This drastic change from Samoa Joe, who is part of the Mask team, changes the situation for Saturday.

Photo credit: AEW

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