Fiskus will look at Facebook, Vinted, or Olx.  The end of Eldorado sales on the Internet

From September 1. Online platforms will be required to provide data on: Renting real estate, renting transportation, selling goods and services provided personally By a natural person acting for or on behalf of the Entity, and carried out via the Platform at the request of the User online, or offline after enabling its execution via the Platform and hiring a transportation.

Taxable sales on Vinted, Allegro and Facebook

Among the platforms that will be covered by the new commitment will be Among other things Classic websites that enable sales, such as: Vintage, OLX, Allegro. It doesn’t end there. Obligation also applies Facebook or Instagram. Through both platforms, it is possible to sell clothes, shoes, furniture and electronics.

Not all people who offer products through sales platforms will go to the tax office. According to the regulations, the reporting obligation does not apply to taxpayers, who have posted fewer than 30 shows on a given website during the year. The legislator did not impose that sales should be reported either People whose income on the platform does not exceed 2,000 € per year (about 8,920 PLN).

After exceeding the limit, you have to pay the tax

Platform operators will provide the Head of the National Revenue Administration (KAS) with information about sellers who have entered into transactions through their websites. The data that will go to the treasury will include, among others: seller’s identity details, bank account number and The amount received from the transaction.

People who sell products via online platforms on a larger scale have to set up a business and tax their income.

Implementation of EU regulations

Changes in the regulations regarding tax reporting obligations imposed on operators of digital platforms are linked to the adaptation of Polish law to the EU DAC7 directive. The purpose of introducing the new regulations is to close the tax system, and thus to increase the revenues of the state budget.

Mr. Dr. Dominica Florrick

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