May 28, 2023


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What income does the average pole get? Check out the latest stats

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) regularly publishes monthly information on the average salary in medium and large-sized companies. Unfortunately, data showing earnings in the entire economy is rarely published, and information quantifying the actual income Poles have at their disposal per capita is rarely.

Officials provided such a summary for 2022 on Tuesday. In a short one-sentence statement of the Central Statistical Office, we read that The average monthly disposable income per capita in 2022 was exactly PLN 2,000. PLN 249 79 gr.

Every year there is a regular increase in the disposable income in Poland. In 2021, the amount of PLN 2,000 was exceeded for the first time. zlotys. It was exactly 2000. 61 zlotys 93 gr. Then, the progress compared to 2020 was 7 percent. The reference point from 2019 was 1000. zlotys 919.

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Over the past 10 years, per capita disposable income has been growing year by year at a rate of about 6-7%. The biggest jump occurred in 2017. Then the amount reached almost 1000. PLN 600 against a thousand PLN 475 in 2016

What is the disposable income as defined by the Central Bureau of Statistics? This is definitely not the same as net salary. Income is a broader concept and includes more elements.

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