Ogromne spadki na rynku kryptowalut. Tracą dziś po kilkanaście procent, niektóre - ponad 20 procent. Kurs najważniejszej z nich, bitcoina, spadł poniżej 23 tys. dolarów, a to najmniej od półtora roku. Spadki są wynikiem odwrotu od ryzykownych aktywów, spowodowanego kolejnymi danymi świadczącymi o przyspieszeniu inflacji oraz słabnięciu wzrostu gospodarczego.

Huge drops in the cryptocurrency market. Today they lose tens of percent or so, some – more than 20 percent. The price of Bitcoin, the main one, fell below 23,000 dollars, which is the lowest in a year and a half. The declines are the result of pullbacks from risky assets, caused by more data showing accelerating inflation and slowing economic growth.

discount Came after it was announced in the United States inflation data. Once again it turned out to be worse than analysts’ expectations. This, in turn, increases the likelihood US interest rate rises this week. In addition, information about the outbreak of the new Corona virus from China portends the imposition of new restrictions on the work of the domestic economy.

As a result, there was a significant decline in global stock exchanges, and Cryptocurrency market – For sale sharp. losses Bitcoin They are not the highest anyway, because some of them lose more than 20 percent.

An additional cause for panic was Suspension of payments to customers through one of the lending platforms operating in the cryptocurrency market. a program Celsius, which says it has more than 1.5 million customers, has announced that it is unable to process payments. This raises concerns that it has faced a regression Cryptocurrency marketmay turn out to be insolvent and, accordingly, similar problems may arise with other brokers.

Over the past two years Cryptocurrency It can be a source of fabulous profits. Bitcoin It has grown from just over 10 thousand. dollars in the fall of 2020 to more than 68 thousand. dollars at the end of last year. some Cryptocurrency They became even more exciting, winning not a little, but more than a hundred times during this time.

In fact Total value of all cryptocurrencies At the end of last year surpassed 3 trillion dollars. The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has fallen below a trillion dollars after the recent declines, which were exacerbated by today’s recession.

According to many experts, this is not the end of the decline, and a decline in the prices of the major cryptocurrencies by several tens of percent is expected in the near future. Others argue that in the long-run, at least some cryptocurrency will prove valuable, and further increases are expected this year.

digital currencies. What are the most popular?

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