Resignation of Leszek Koziorowski.  Change in the Supervisory Board of Tauron Polska Energia

Leszek Koziorowski resigned from the membership of the Supervisory Board of Tauron Polska Energia. The decision will take effect on April 3. The stock exchange report explained the reason for the resignation.

Tauron Polska Energia announced in the stock exchange report issued on Monday that it had received the announcement of Leszek Koziorowski's resignation from the Supervisory Board effective at the end of April 2.

“Mr Leszek Koziorowski justified the above-mentioned resignation by allowing the appointment of the full composition of the Supervisory Board for the new term at the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Issuer held on April 3, 2024 in connection with the end of the term from the office of the current Supervisory Board on December 31, 2023,” we read.

Leszek Koziorowski has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Tauron since June 2021.

Changes in Torun's management

The extraordinary general meeting of Tauron Polska Energia held next week is scheduled to start at 12 noon, and the proposed agenda provides for the adoption of decisions on determining the number of members of the Supervisory Board and making changes in the composition of the Supervisory Board.

Significant changes occurred in the Supervisory Board of Tauron on January 25. Then the Minister of State Property, Boris Budka, dismissed four members of the Supervisory Board. In their place, four new members of the Mediterranean Action Plan were appointed. They are Natalia Klima-Piotrovska, Katarzyna Maslovska, Karolina Mucha-Koš and Slavomir Smiček. The remaining members of the Supervisory Board included, among others: Leszek Koziorowski.

Under the company's bylaws, the state treasury has the right to appoint and dismiss half of the members of the supervisory board, provided that its ownership percentage is more than 25 percent. Total votes in the plenary session. The remaining shareholders are subject to a limit of 10% of the number of votes in the general meeting. Even in the case where they have a larger equity stake.

In the shareholding structure of Tauron Polska Energia, the State Treasury owns 30.06 percent. Votes, KGHM Polska Miedź (a company controlled by the state treasury) – 10.39 percent, National Nederlanden – 5.06 percent, other shareholders 54.49 percent. Votes.

According to the articles of association, the appointment and dismissal of members of the management board or the entire management board is made by the Supervisory Board, and is entrusted with the functions of president and vice-presidents. From March 7 of this year Grzegorz Lot is the Chairman of Tauron Polska Energia. Piotr Gołębiowski became Vice President of Trade, Michał Orłowski became Vice President of Asset Management and Development, and Krzysztof Surma became Vice President of Finance.

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