Finally Zieliński helped Napoli.  Three strikes determined the Italian Super Cup finalist

Before the game, bettors gave the team more chances to win Naples. But commentators rightly pointed out that the league match held at the Italian champion's stadium this season ended with Fiorentina winning 3-1. It is currently ranked higher in the Italian league table.

Meanwhile, from the start of the match, the Neapolitans had the visual advantage. But at first little came of it. The goal was scored in the 22nd minute after what seemed innocuous action. All it took was a cross into the box from Juan Jesus and in an instant Measured shot Giovanni Simeone He found his way to the net.

The referee was still checking the situation on the VAR screen. However, there was no doubt of an offside position. However, just five minutes later, Florence's goal was disallowed – precisely for clear offside.

From that moment on, Viola took the lead on the field. impact? It was close to a draw before the end of the first half. In the 45th minute, he was fouled inside the Napoli penalty area Jonathan Icony. Sam walked towards the ball placed at the eleventh meter and… He missed the target.

Piotr Zieliński is just a substitute. He came in and got his second assist

After changing sides, the pace of the match decreased significantly. It is understood that Fiorentina have shown a greater willingness to take attacking action. However, the Italian champion's defenders effectively broke up the sluggish positional attack.

In the 72nd minute, Piotr Zielinski took to the field, after missing Saturday's league match against Salernitana (2-1) due to a minor injury. The Pole recorded a second-tier assist. Positioned, Giovanni Di Lorenzo headed the ball over from the corner, and Alessio Zerbin finished successfully from close range. He was introduced to the field with less than three minutes to go.

In this case, Zerbin accidentally hit the goal post with his head. He had to seek help from medical staff. He returned to the field and… finished Napoli's quick counter-attack, making the game 3-0.


For the first time in more than thirty years in history, the winner of the National Super Cup will be chosen in a mini-tournament. The Italians followed Spain's lead and decided to entrust the organization of the multi-day event to Saudi Arabia. They will choose the winner Three matches were played in Riyadh.

In the second semi-final, Inter Milan will play against Lazio Roma (Friday). After a two-day break, the final match will be held. It was scheduled to be held on Monday evening (8 p.m.).

In the event of a tie, there will be no extra timeThe referee will immediately order a series of penalty kicks. This is a fundamental difference compared to the Spanish version.

Naples – Salernitana 1919 (2-1). The most prominent features of the game. Video (Eleven Sports)/Eleven sports/Eleven sports

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