They wasted a great opportunity to advance to the Olympics!  Now we have to hope for a miracle

Before the last series of matches, the Belgians had everything in their hands. After the very important victory over Canada, all they needed to advance was to beat Bulgaria, who were playing for parsley, which would allow them to achieve great success.

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However, this task was beyond the scope of Emanuele Zanini’s team. Despite leading 2-1, Belgium lost in the tiebreaker and must now rely on a miracle in the competition between Canada and Mexico. This miracle will be a victory for the Mexicans or a defeat for them by 2:3. The problem is that this team has not won even a single set in the six matches so far!

If Canada wins, which is very likely, it will be level on points with Belgium. In this case, the number of matches won will be counted. The European team has four, and the North American team will have one more after their victory over Mexico. The Canada-Mexico match will start at 10:00.

Let us remind you that on Saturday, the Polish national team, which has won all its matches so far, secured the promotion from Group C. At the end of the qualifiers, white and red will fight against China. Coverage of this match (Sunday 8 October, 1:30pm) will be available on Przegląd Sportowy Onet.

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