June 7, 2023


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Let's go?  Important Announcement by Artur Zbelka

Let’s go? Important Announcement by Artur Zbelka

After his winning fight with Denis Załęcki in High League 4, Artur Szpilka announced that he was taking a longer break when it came to performing at freakfight parties.

Peter Bubakowski

Peter Bubakowski

Artur Zbelka

WP SportoweFakty / Anna Klebachko / Pictured: Artur Szpilka

Artur Szpilka’s performance at Saturday’s High League 4 gala in Gliwice sparked great interest among martial arts fans. The former heavyweight boxing champion entered the cage with Dennis Zaiki.

Fighting in the MMA format did not last long. Bad Boy’s injured knee didn’t hold up when trying to get the so-called out. The return of fista The referee was forced to end the duel early in the first round (more here).

33-year-old “Szpila” announced in an interview after the fight ended that he was open to a rematch with Załęcki, but… it wouldn’t happen at the High League party.

Watch the video: Was there a pat? Artur Szpilka commented on what happened to the Janikowski-Breese fight

“Maybe there will be a rematch, but I think I’m going to give up this fighting madness today,” declared the former boxer, in response to Bad Boy’s request to give him the chance to repay his defeat at Gliwice in the future.

This was Szpilka’s second MMA career. In June of this year, he made his debut at the KSW 71 concert, knocking out Ukrainian boxer Sergey Radchenko.

a look:
The former promoter of Szpilka does not bite his tongue. The winner of a strange kind of circus was announced.

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