Indian Wells WTA.  Iga Świątek wins with Weronika Kudirmietowa

Iga Świątek started competing in Indian Wells from the second round after winning the so-called bye in the first round. After a confirmed victory over Croatian Petra Martic 6: 1, 6: 3, the next contender for the Polish tennis player was the Russian Wironika Kudyrmitova, who took 31st place in the WTA rankings.

The match began with a dispatch by Iga Świątek, who quickly built a confident lead, scoring the first ace and giving her opponent just one point in the first match.

Both players avoided playing close to the net, while Kudiermietowa was able to use that fact in the second mini-game, when she sent a short ball that Świątek couldn’t run to. Thanks to this, she eliminated the advantage of the Polish woman, and soon achieved her first balance in the game. However, the Polish woman was not confused and began to shoot very close to the side lines, perfectly reacting to the position of the opponent, which she finally broke.

The game in this segment wasn’t full of very long trade-offs, it was quite ‘clip’. Weronika Kudiermietowa apparently had slight problems with concentration, because as soon as she got ahead in the third match, she also quickly lost it. After about a quarter of an hour, the scoreboard already showed the score 3: 0 for the Polish woman.

Only then the Russian player won her first mini-game, flawlessly playing Christmas at the end of the net. The Polish woman was somewhat unable to respond to the ball sent by her opponent in the middle of the court, while the Polish tennis player was closer to the right side.

Iga Świątek has shown time and time again that her greatest advantage in the match are the fast and accurate balls that are sent near the sidelines. Her opponent, in turn, made many unforced errors, and therefore also lost the fifth match in the match.

The first set finally ended with a score of 6:1 for Świątek – her opponent was often losing points, shooting unreasonably hard, so the ball often hit the cars. In turn, the Polish woman especially shone in the last match, when, under pressure from her opponent, she sent a beautiful long ball at one point along the touchline and completely out of Kudiermietowa’s reach.

The Russian tennis player started the second set very strongly, but again she was unable to build a clear advantage and Iga finally broke it. At this point, the first major signs of alarm of the 31st missile appeared in the world.

In the second half of the second batch, Świątek clearly followed the blow and defeated Kudiermietowa to zero. Later, it was more difficult, because the Russian had a much fiercer battle on points, but finally there was a lead on the part of your lips in 3:0. The Polish woman liked her calmness and good reading of her opponent’s match.

Iga Świątek did not give up a single match until the end. First, she defeats her opponent without losing a point, and then – even if Kudiermietowa tries to win anything for herself – her opponent cannot dominate her at any moment.

The set ended with a score of 6: 0, and the score was 2: 0 the whole match. Iga Świątek showed a really fun piece of tennis to the eye and in the 1/8 finals of the tournament you’ll be playing with someone from Putintseva’s husband – Ostapenko.


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