Fierce fighting in the “heart of Hamas.”  “We are minutes away from imminent death.”

Israel claims that Al-Shifa Hospital provides cover for Hamas’ command center, a claim the hospital director rejected as a “total lie.” Hamas also rejects these allegations.

This was said by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, who is visiting the region Any armed group that uses civilian infrastructure to protect itself is violating the laws of war.

But he added: “But this is the behavior of Palestinian armed groups It does not relieve Israel of its obligation to ensure the protection of civilians. Failure to do so is also against the laws of war – and has a devastating impact on civilians.

Continued article below the video

A dramatic call from a besieged hospital

“We are minutes away from imminent death,” Mohammed Abu Salamiya, director of Al-Shifa Hospital, told Al Jazeera from inside the besieged facility, which was forced to suspend operations on Saturday after running out of electricity and fuel.

Eyewitnesses say that Israeli soldiers are “visible” near the hospital. Army announces “Tactical pauses” in activities until residents can evacuate – Quoted from the Times of Israel website.

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