Sarcastic Putin game.  The face of the representative of Chechnya speaks for itself

Grozny and Mariupol are now twin cities. The agreement was signed by the mayor of the Chechen capital, Khas-Magomed Kadyrov, and the head of the occupation authorities in Mariupol, Oleg Morgun. It happened in Mariupol during a business trip of members of the Chechen government to Donbass.

Partner Cities – Putin’s satirical game

According to the agreement, Mariupol and Grozny established commercial, economic, scientific, artistic, social and cultural cooperation.

Although the goals look commendable, it is enough to watch the recording from the moment the contract was signed to see that even the representative of Chechnya himself understands the absurdity of this situation. Kadyrov keeps a serious expression on his face and only looks at him once – when his name is read. Then he starts staring at the pen in his hands again.

The authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Chechnya said in a joint statement that About the experience of Chechnya in removing the effects of warwhich are already used in DRL, are showing positive results in areas such as housing, utilities, road construction and social facilities.

“Russia destroyed Grozny in 1995. Mariupol – in 2022.” – reminds Anton Herashchenko. “Now the two cities will be called twins. Incredible pessimism.” Concludes.

Mariupol is like Grozny

The Russians captured Mariupol on May 20, 2022. After a three-month siege. Ukrainian authorities say that up to 90 percent of the buildings were destroyed during the fighting. civil buildings.

Having captured the city, the occupiers quickly proceeded The rubble was demolished, and the bodies of the dead Ukrainians were often buried in this way. “They work day and night, removing (evidence) of war crimes,” Vadym Boychenko, the Ukrainian mayor of Mariupol, said a few months ago.

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