Features hidden in the Pedronka cash register.  Customers don't know about it [ZDJĘCIA]

In Biedronka stores for a long time, customers who go to make small purchases and want to pay by card can use the self-pay service. This is a convenient solution because the queues in these cash registers are usually shorter than those in traditional cash registers.

However, not everyone knows that self-service payments next to a price scanner that customers should use beetles When shopping, they are equipped with hidden functions.

One of them is the container under the counter. This is where the customer can leave an unnecessary receipt. It is enough to throw it into a small hole, instead of looking for a trash that is located at the exit or in front of the store.

Litter box under the counter – Piotr Kamionka / East News

Customers can use other hidden functions using the buttons at the bottom of the main screen.

Jobs hidden in self-service checkouts by BiedronkaHidden functions in self-service payments Biedronki – Piotr Kamionka / East News

The first button from the left is the speakerphone – it will help customers who need to increase or decrease the volume of outgoing messages.

When the customer wants to report an error or seek help from the store staff, he must use the second button from the left (a triangle with a circle).

Another hidden solution is the ability to scan the “My Biedronka” card from a photo on your phone. Then the customer should use the third button and put the phone screen on the scanner.

Another hidden feature that facilitates the use of self-checkout helps in weighing products. If you use this feature before placing items on the scale, weigh them correctly.

Source: woman.onet.pl

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