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Full Moon of Goats July 2022

There is a unique moon in front of us. The super moon in July 2022 is sure to make it a sleepless night. What is the date of the full moon of the goat? Where did this original name come from? How to monitor Superksieyca July? You will learn everything in this article on SE.pl!

What is the date of the full moon of the goat?

Fans of astronomical phenomena are eagerly awaiting this phenomenon. full moon In July 2022, it was determined, among other things, called “Goats”, would be unique. Earth’s natural satellite will enter its full phase early next Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Its peak will be at 21:38. Another important phenomenon that will also be associated with the full moon in July, is Super Moon.

Super Moon in July 2022

The full moon in July 2022 will be unique because the satellite will be close to Earth and will be much larger than usual. The Moon will be less than 364,000 km from our planet. During a full moon, its disk will be 14% larger and its light about 30% brighter.

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Full moon of the goat moon – where did the name come from?

The name of the full moon of July comes from the Indian culture, which assigned each of this phenomenon an original and unique term related to a particular season of the year. For example, in January we can admire the wolf moon, in May the moon is Venus, and the last full moon in June is called “strawberry”. Goat Moon refers to the dollars, that is, a male deer, whose horns, after being thrown earlier, began to grow back in July.

However, this is not the only term for the full moon of July, which is also called “hay” or “storm.”

When and how do you watch the full moon in Goat 2022?

The full moon in July 2022 can be enjoyed without even leaving your home. Just look out the window. No special equipment is required for this, although regular binoculars may be useful for a better effect. It is certainly better to observe the full moon when we are outside the city, away from sources of artificial light – as there is no such thing as “light pollution”. In this case, the following map may be very useful, where you can find such places.

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The most important factor, if not the most important factor in this case is of course weather. The sky must be clear. Small clouds are unlikely to be affected by observation, but heavy rain clouds may be an insurmountable obstacle. So let’s follow your local weather forecast.

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