March 31, 2023


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Bruce Willis retired.  This is how critics evaluate his films

Bruce Willis retired. This is how critics evaluate his films

Family March 30, 2022 Bruce Willis He announced the end of his career on social media. The reason is a diagnosis that clearly excludes further work, and which has influenced their roles and choices in recent years. He was diagnosed with aphasia, a speech disorder caused by brain damage that affects the ability to communicate.

We have already published our rating of the best Bruce Willis movies for you, but over the years he has made more of them than we chose. He has many classics to his credit, but even at the height of his career, he had some poor and missing films. Have you wondered how critics have rated his films for decades? Of course, he has plenty of iconic action movies that delight everyone, but there are also thrillers and dramas on the list in which Bruce Willis has proven how great he is as an actor. Perhaps also due to the perspective of being an action movie legend, his level of acting has always been understated, even though he has shown in many titles what he can do with movies like 12 Monkeys, Sixth Sense or Pulp Fiction.

There is no series in this order, but we will never forget that the series will still be his best role on crazy papers. His role in the popular movie friends It will keep you entertained for years.

The ranking includes the percentage of positive reviews from critics. At the end of the list, of course, are the titles with zero percent height.

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Bruce Willis Movies – Places 91-59

Bruce Willis Movies – Places 58-31

Bruce Willis movies – 1-30 place