Agricultural tax in 2024. There will be a 21% increase.

agricultural tax It is paid for farmland used for agricultural activities. Only lands where non-agricultural economic activity is carried out are excluded. They pay him Owners, tenants of land and persons who permanently benefit from it.

The agricultural land tax rate is equivalent to 2.5 quintals (F) of rye per hectare. For other agricultural land subject to agricultural tax, 5F of rye is also calculated per hectare.

According to what was announced by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The average buying price of rye was PLN 89.63 per quintal. This means that in 2024, the amount of agricultural tax on each hectare of land will be PLN 224.07 – equivalent to 2.5 quintals of rye.

this will be PLN 38.95 more Compared to the previous amount – PLN 185.13. For the remaining agricultural land, you will have to pay PLN 448.15 per hectare – equivalent to 5 quintals of rye. Compared to this year’s rate – 370.25 PLN – the increase will amount to 77.80 PLN per hectare.

Increased agricultural taxes may lead to higher food prices. – It is worth noting that from January 1, 2024, the zero VAT rate will cease to apply to food items, so we can expect an increase in prices for food products – says Piotr Goszczyk, Senior Tax Advisor at inFakt.

Greenhouse owners will also pay a higher property tax in 2024. The increase is scheduled to be 15%. (In 2023, the percentage was 12%). Homeowners and business owners will pay more. Greenhouse owners will pay PLN 15.69 per square meter of glass surfaces. – This change may also translate into higher prices for our purchases – warns Piotr Juszczyk.

As expected, electricity prices will also rise from January 2024 because frozen prices will no longer apply. – We can expect an increase of up to 70%. due to “frostbite” – says inFakt expert.

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