Pierce Brosnan: The most daring robbery
Pierce Brosnan, well-known actor m. In the role of the legendary agent 007, he will reveal to the viewers of HISTORY Chanel the behind-the-scenes of the criminal world – he will look at the most daring robberies in history! He will expose those who do not sleep with wealth, valuables, jewels and precious deposits from the most guarded vaults. We invite you on Sunday, May 14 at 22:00 to the premiere of the program “PIERCE BROSNAN: THE BOLDEREST THEYBILITY”.

Money has been making our world go round since its inception, and some people will do anything to get it. In their pursuit of fortune, they stage the most daring and dangerous robbery attempt of all time. in the program “Pierce Brosnan: The Most Daring Heist” The world-class actor will introduce viewers to the intricate plots of criminals who risk their freedom for a chance at a life of riches. Thanks to the use of modern technology and reconstruction, Pierce Brosnan is in the center of the action and analyzes for us every aspect of the plan – the course of the robbery, as well as the consequences of the gang of thieves.

We’ll find out what it’s like to rob a diamond in Antwerp or rob Britain’s best-guarded bank – on Baker Street (did Sherlock Holmes have anything to do with it?), How robbers linked to the mafia decided to rob a bank in California in 1972 or how three surfers wanted to snatch away valuable jewels From the New York Museum of Natural History. Watch this eight-episode series like the best action movie ever! Just this once – each of these stories is based on true events!

Episode 1. The Baker Street Bank Robbery
Sunday May 14th at 22:00

A tunnel of ingenious thieves leads down and into the vault of a Lloyds bank branch in London. When a walkie-talkie intercepts their conversation, he finds himself drawn into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with Scotland Yard.

Episode 2. The theft of the diamonds from Antwerp
Sunday, May 21 at 22:00

An elite team of Italian thieves target the vault of the World Diamond Center in Antwerp. After 27 months of planning, they executed their detailed plan and made over $100 million.

Episode 3. The robbery at the Pierre Hotel
Sunday May 28th at 22:00

The duo of highly skilled thieves who specialize in hotel theft set the ultimate goal of their career: New York’s famous Hotel Pierre.

Episode 4. Go to Lufthansa
Sunday, June 4th at 10:00 p.m

Gangsters are doing a very profitable robbery at JFK International Airport.

Episode 5. A Bank Job in California
Sunday 11 June at 22:00

Pierce Brosnan investigates a 1972 Southern California bank robbery involving millions of dollars by mob-connected robbers.

Episode 6. Museum Robbery
Sunday, June 18th at 10:00 p.m

These three are surfers by day and thieves by night. Intent on stealing priceless jewels from the Museum of Natural History in New York, their plan involves sneaking up the mantelpiece, 36.5 meters above the streets of Manhattan.

Episode 7. Armored Jump
Sunday, June 25th at 10:00 p.m

An armored car warehouse worker uses his knowledge to plan a heist that could net him and his cronies more than $18 million in cash.

Episode 8. Go to the artwork
Sunday, July 2 at 10:00 p.m

Two thieves disguised as fake cops steal half a billion dollars’ worth of world art from a Boston museum. The search for the perpetrators continues. The works have not yet been returned to their place, and at the same time it turns out that every other suspect is already dead.

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