Fast and adventurous, but is it good?  “Buddha. Kid '98” movie review
A documentary about the life and achievements of one of the most famous Polish influencers – Buddy, has been released in cinemas. How do “Budda. Dzieciak '98” by Christian Kuczkowski and Buddha himself hold up on the big screen? The film was reviewed by Maciej Satorra.

Fast and adventurous (review of “Budda. Dzieciak '98”, directed by Christian Kuczkowski, Buddha)

It starts out a bit like a bootleg of a Wes Anderson movie – the principle of proportionality popularized by TikTok reaches even the largest hall of Multikino Złote Tarasy. In the middle of it, surrounded by rows of empty chairs, sits the Buddha, or rather the entire Labuda; Not a historical symbol of a religious movement from Asia, but a contemporary symbol of online influencers. The close plan replaces the broad plan when the man, breaking the fourth wall, begins his tirade. First, a humble thank you to every viewer for attending the cinema. Then the riddle: “What do you think is the most powerful invention of humanity capable of changing the course of history?” wheel? any. electricity? hotter. Well…smartphone? Bingo! Sure, a smartphone.

The compact, several-inch-long device kept in your back pocket is a multitasking reality-shifting tool. If you don't believe this, Buddha also has empirical proof. Kamel pointed out (several times) that his Instagram accounts are usually visited by between one million and two hundred thousand pairs of eyes. Kamel took out his phone, wrote a few words, and then clicked the “send” button. That's when the magic happens. Within 15 minutes, the 800-seat hall is filled with groups of excited and lucky people. This is the power of a smartphone.

Although it is difficult to talk about this pseudo-philosophical story without a wry smile, the honest Buddha may be touching on some truth here. Because seriously, how many people in Poland are able to submit a documentary to over 300 cinemas in the country without any major problems? How many of them will depend on themselves and make money from it? “Dzieciak '98” is a unique project in Polish industry. The film, co-shot by Budda and Krystian Kuczkowski, about the work (?) and life (???) of one of our greatest internet celebrities, actually makes the list of “firsts” in several categories. This is the first major film about a Polish influencer in history, the YouTuber's first cinematic project in the local market and the first clear proof that these two worlds should never have crossed.

The last thing I want to do is mock the hero of this quasi-documentary hagiography. No matter how much Buddha's megalomania, his personal story of overcoming a difficult childhood and turning his passion for cars into massive business success has some inspiring potential. Worse still, Kuczkowski only needs a few minutes to unconsciously turn every dramatic and motivational aspect of his hero's life against him. In the short film, the director paints a picture of an Internet personality who humbly obeys the iron rules of the market. The influencer should be as popular as possible, but in a cool way; An attractive personality, but with a deeply hidden personality. His unattainable example is tomato soup. His biggest fear is controversy, which can scare away potential advertisers. That's why it's better not to stick to it. “Don't be stubborn, and don't discuss difficult topics,” says the hero himself. If “impact” meant nothing more than a good mood for the viewers. If “lifestyle” – then a modest page of capitalism.

Not surprising. For some time now, the term “YouTube creator” has been devalued as the rates paid for views on the platform increase every year. It turns out that the monopolist of the online video market is not just a space for unfettered expression of his own expression, or a financial eldorado. If you put in enough effort, you can use the money you get from YouTube to buy the car of your dreams, build a house, and provide for your family for the future. Therefore, you have to move wisely in the structure that revolves around the dollar symbol. Step carefully.

According to Kuchkovsky, Buddha himself in the film “The Kid '98” wanted to give a kind of advice to all those who dream of an influential career, guide them through the minefield and show what to beware of. In fact, the lovely Kumail will throw in some trademark aphorisms from the screen from time to time. In addition to platitudes about “hard work” and “belief in yourself,” there is talk of “business plan,” “content,” and “reach.” It is advised not to cooperate with small advertisers, but rather to wait for the big advertisers. Finally, he also motivates, saying that “any of his viewers who wants to drive a Lambo can drive a Lambo,” because he “wanted to drive a Lambo and he does,” putting himself in the position of a sort of financial fulfillment model. Not that he didn't have reasons for it. Kid 98 reminds us of the extent of his success every few minutes: either by showing a garage full of a dozen or so luxury cars, or by recalling his regular trips abroad, or by talking about them directly to the camera. In difficult numbers. Complementing this with a heart-warming family story, he creates an exemplary story of success despite adversity, a poignant declaration of the new American dream, designed especially for your growing child.

You can read the full review by Maciej Satory here.

“Buddha. Kid '98” – trailer

What is the theme of “Buddha. Kid 98”?

An exciting and action-packed journey through life's difficulties, achievements and activities of one of the most famous Polish influencers: Kamil Labudda, known online as “BUDDHA”. This film is about how to create effectively on the Internet, how to make money on social media and what are the hidden sums in this industry. In it, the Buddha will reveal what was unknown behind the scenes of his activities. He will talk about the pros and cons of online activity. It will reveal what mistakes should not be made and what should be avoided. IF YOU KNOW BUDDHA – Experience his story on the big screen and see what's not available on YouTube. Learn what the “mindset” of Internet creators looks like, what laws govern this industry and what opportunities it offers. If you don't know it – be sure to get acquainted with the national phenomenon of an ordinary boy who, together with his fans, did completely extraordinary things! Each of his Instagram and YouTube accounts is followed by more than 2 million people. Very widespread lifestyle and driving gameplay has led to registrations in dozens of countries around the world. The team looked for the best shots among other things. In Chernobyl, as well as in the United States, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's a deeply inspiring, universal story about the strength of character and determination to make dreams come true, but it also speaks to the enormous potential of the YouTube industry and the opportunities hidden within it. The film is directed by Christian Kuczkowski – co-author of the film “Ania” about the life of the famous actress Ania Przybylska, which was watched by more than 600,000 viewers in cinemas. One of the co-producers is Platige Image, responsible for, among other things, his work on the Netflix series “The Witcher”.

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