The introductions of Polish films on the orange platform have not changed much

Not much has changed since those worst films. Although the picture is often much better.

These introductions to films on the orange platform are increasingly found on TT, for example. This is likely a form of advertising and you can see by the views that it definitely works.

Over 200,000 views of Short Talk Know Where It Leads. AsukaKamila has clearly figured out how to further promote her films or works.

Not much has changed

You should still take breaks while watching it or stay away from it. There is supposed to be a movie, but it’s not known exactly when. In general, the Pole also explained why this was the case for her.


We learn from another video that it is, among other things, about budget. These films were shot without a large crew. But it is difficult to determine why the actress’s performance reached this level. Interestingly, this particular Polish woman appeared in one of the films:


But if it gets several hundred thousand views, it clearly has its audience, and in very large numbers. TT is generally a good place for this kind of thing, although you could easily lose your account if you get a little crazy.

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