Alicia Bachelda Koro “caught” in Poland!  She was with a special man!

Elijah Bachlida Koro For many years he has been successfully performing show business. Actress can brag A great career not only in Poland, but also in the United States. Her role as Zosia in “Pan Tadeusz” brought her immense popularity, which opened the door to her career.

In the United States, it can present itself, among other things, in “Ondine” by Nella JordanaWhere it appeared in the side Varela Hill. Time spent on screen brought the couple closer together, and in 2009 their son Henry Tadeusz Farrell was born.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not survive the test of time and after a few years Bachleda-Curuś confirmed their separation from the actor. Subsequently, he was combined with, inter alia, with Marcin Gortat, and for some time there were rumors that the star had engaged to a mysterious American.

And although a ring appeared on Elijah’s finger, the artist did not comment on this revelation. For many years, he kept his privacy and rarely talks about his life. This time Bachleda-Curuś decided to taste the Polish winter and She came to visit Poland.

The star was unable to come to Poland last year, so her arrival this year was especially expected. Bachleda-Curuś came to Krakow for Christmas, where the paparazzi photographed her in the company of … her beloved father!

“Super Express” reported that the artist was seen at the Christmas fair, and that her father did not leave her even one step! In the end, they both went to a restaurant and spent family time eating Polish dishes.

There are many indications that Alicia will be in Poland more often in the coming months, as the film will be out in theaters in a few weeks. 8 things you don’t know about menIn which the star will play.

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