Fantastic Four – What will an MCU movie be like?  The director does not look at previous films, but rather refers to the comic books

Marvel has finally decided to introduce the First Family into the MCU. The studio is working on a movie The Fantastic Four With Matt Shakman at the helm as director. In an interview with Inverse, the director revealed his inspiration. See for yourself.

Fantastic Four – What will an MCU movie be like?

As the director revealed:

I don’t watch other movies that much, I only watch the comics. I’m a huge comic book fan. I’ve loved the Fantastic Four since I was a kid. Refer to the [Jacka] kirby ego, [Stana] Li Ai [Johna] Byrne, tracing the characters to Hickman, [Marka] Wade and Ryan North, I’m trying to figure out what these characters mean to me and how I should bring them to life on screen in the best way. That’s how I started working on this project.

Comics are not his only source of inspiration. Shakman also draws from comedy Here in PhiladelphiaIn which he served as a producer and directed as many as 43 episodes. As he revealed in an interview with

I have learned a lot from the job over the years Here in Philadelphia. It’s a unique combination of fun and precision, and I think you need both in everything you create. You still have to be like a kid playing in the sandbox and reinventing things, but you also have to be strict in what you do, which is more important in comedies than in anything else, contrary to appearances. […]

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