A recording from Lidl has been a hit on TikTok.  “This is why I don’t like this store”

A recording from Lidl has been a hit on TikTok. “This is why I don’t like this store”

The video has been viewed more than 26 million times and liked nearly 300,000 times. People, nearly 6 thousand commented. Internet users. What is its phenomenon? The several-second recording shows the cashier at work. One detail attracts attention. It’s about the product deletion rate. The woman does it instantly, literally as if she were a machine.

Surprisingly, not everyone liked the employee’s abilities. A lot of people noticed that With this service, cash registers can’t keep up with shopping. This makes packing products difficult and causes additional stress. Some commenters admitted that they are in no rush at all and calmly put their items in the bag and then just pay. Some people though They feel pressure and this discourages them from shopping. For this reason, they often opt for self-service checkout, where they decide how quickly the products can be scanned.

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