March 22, 2023


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Ewa Gauriluk and Waldemar Paschik divorce after 22 years.  The phrase "Życie na gorą co" explains why

Ewa Gauriluk and Waldemar Paschik divorce after 22 years. The phrase “Życie na gorą co” explains why

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At the beginning of December, the media received information that Ewa Gauriluk and Waldemar Bachchik are divorced. The couple made an official statementin which they described that they were on friendly terms and demanded that their privacy be respected. But they did not reveal the reason for this decision. Therefore, the media decided to find out on their own.

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Ewa Gauriluk and Waldemar Paschik divorced. why?

The issue was covered by the weekly newspaper “Życie na Gorało”. They reached out to people from the close circle of the former spouses. She revealed that they had been preparing for their breakup for a long time:

According to insiders, this decision has been circulating in both for a long time, was not made in a fit of feelings, and was well thought out – the weekly reports.

As we found out, they were waiting for their daughter Maria to grow up. All this so that she does not cause her pain and is aware of what is happening in her life.

Ewa and Valdemar waited for their only child to become independent – someone linked to the couple was revealed. Now that your daughter is an adult and can understand her decisions, it will be easier for her to rethink her life. She added that the first challenge will be the upcoming vacations, which they will spend separately.

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Ewa Gauriluk and Waldemar Paschik – Love Story

Ewa Goriluk Years ago she was associated with Pewter Zelt. Their relationship lasted seven years. In 1999, she married Valdemar Puschek. A year after their marriage, they became parents.