“Secret Invasion” is for adults only?  Mendelsohn in the new Disney+ series
production marvel It is considered an entertainment, especially for young people. after “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3”, the first MCU movie to feature the f-word, it’s time to take the next step. as announced Ben Mendelsohna screen TalosAnd “Secret Invasion” It is intended as a production aimed at a more mature viewer.

Ben Mendelsohn (left) as Talos in “Captain Marvel”

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in “Captain Marvel”

What did Ben Mendelsohn say about “The Secret Invasion”?

Ben Mendelsohn said about it “Secret Invasion” In an interview with USA TodayIt’s something that adults might like confirmed. It’s about the approach. I hope this becomes one of the coolest things Marvel has ever done

He also revealed what the relationship between his character, the Skrull, would look like Taloswith Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury.

The relationship between Talos and Fury is closer than ever – He said. I don’t know if Talos is to him what Abbott is to Costell, but it’s definitely something the audience will love, though they’ll also realize how precarious the situation is.

In turn, he stated in an interview with “Empire Magazine” “Secret Invasion” Like a ‘dystopia’ with elements of the buddy movie

Watch the ‘Secret Invasion’ trailer?

“Secret Invasion” It will debut on Disney+ on June 21st. Watch the trailer:

Scenario “Secret Invasion” It was based on an eight-issue comic book series about the invasion of Earth by a shape-shifting race of aliens called the Skrulls. Away Samuel L. Jackson And Ben Mendelsohn Cast included Olivia ColmanAnd Emilia Clarke And Kingsley Ben-Adir.

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