• Poles love Polish cinema
• Box office results prove that in terms of popularity, domestic film productions are as good as foreign productions
• Canal + Online announced the best Polish films of the past year

On Friday (April 29, 2022) on Canal + Online the premiere of the highest-grossing Polish film of 2021 – “Girls from Dubai”. Based on a report by Piotr Krysiak of the same title, the film directed by Maria Sadowska remained at the forefront of the Box Office for six weeks, including four at number one. Amy is an ambitious young girl who has been dreaming of a big world for years. Whenever the opportunity arises, she jumps into her poses without hesitation, becoming an exclusive escort. And soon, at the invitation of Arab sheikhs, she began to recruit Polish girls, celebrities, screen stars and Polish models. However, this luxurious and inaccessible world will soon show its dark side … The race for the title of the most famous Polish film has also found itself on the podium “Wedding Reception” (Premiered on April 23 on Canal + Premium, starting on April 24 on Channel + Online) by Wojciech Smarzowski. The latest film by one of Poland’s most die-hard directors wrapped up the top ten of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Another, after “Clera” and “Wołyń,” the gritty production tells the parallel love stories of a couple living in different time lines. On the other hand, we observe the guests during a modern wedding, against the background of personal drama and conflicts. A bride in advanced pregnancy is anxiously watching her husband’s behavior, and her father is having problems at work. At the same time, the head of the Anthony family, in recollections of his youth, takes viewers to the second timeline. The story of his young love for a Jewish girl intertwines with the present and reveals secrets hidden for years.

It was also in the top 20 movies of the past year“nothing soup” (Already available in Canal + Premium and Canal + Online) by Kinga Dębska. On an emotional journey to the late PRL, viewers learn about the Makovsky family. The haunted thinker Tadeusz lives with his wife Elipita, the president of the Solidarity Company, two teenage daughters – Marta and Kasia – and a grandmother who remembers the times of the uprising, in a small apartment. Determined, although somewhat careless, Tadeusz makes further attempts to improve the life situation of the family, which, however, only generates trouble.

On the other side “the brothers” (premiered April 19 on Kanal + Premium, from April 20 on Kanal + Online) is the first full-length debut of director Łukasz Ostalski, which tells the story of two brothers from World War II. Janek and Staszek take a big risk to help their peers, Abram and Chaim, who, without telling anyone, escape the German massacre, and hide them on their farm. Starring: Mikowaj Machak, Wojciech Zyotek, Gordzig Hacknar, Jan Hrinkevich, Katarzyna Shujnaka.

On the other side “I won’t come back here” (Premiered April 25 at Canal + Premium, from April 26 at Canal + Online) is a documentary film by journalist and playwright Mikowaj Lesut. In the last photo, he told the story of four counts of the youth educational center in Gunidze near Białystok – Gossia, Dominica, Uelina and Alija. The girl had a difficult childhood – her parents are toxic, violence, alcohol and drugs, petty crimes. Now they are trying to organize their lives. How do they envision the future? Will they make good decisions?

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