How much did Christopher Nolan earn in “Oppenheimer”?  The amount is amazing
According to Forbes magazine analysts, Christopher Nolan is today in the same place where James Cameron was after the premiere of “Titanic.” Thanks to his latest film, Oppenheimer's drama about the father of the atomic bomb, the director has already earned $85 million.

How much did Christopher Nolan earn in “Oppenheimer”?

Christopher Nolan signed a corresponding contract with Universal, according to which he would receive money from the first ticket sold for “Oppenheimer”. This is a unique practice, as traditionally creators can only count on profit when production costs are recovered. According to Forbes estimates, the director has so far earned $85 million from his work. This amount will increase even more when earnings from streaming media and home theater are added.

This success made Warner Bros., where Christopher Nolan had recently worked, try to bring it back. The director left the studio because he did not like the broadcast policy. Read: Christopher Nolan says goodbye to Warner Bros., chooses a new studio.

Oppenheimer on the podcast I have some comments

We remind you of the podcast episode I Have Some Comments, in which Julia Taczanovska and Jakub Bubilecki talk about Oppenheimer:

Watch the trailer for the movie “Oppenheimer”

Oppenheimer's film was released in theaters in July of last year. The film starring Cillian Murphy in the lead role grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide, and ranked third at the global box office. Watch its trailer:

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