February 4, 2023


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Everyone talks about it: Alexandre Barrett looks back at his muscle exchange with Mary-Line Jonkas

Everyone talks about it: Alexandre Barrett looks back at his muscle exchange with Mary-Line Jonkas

Of course, Alexandre Barrett was in good shape Sunday evening, and his being in the set caused a lot of talk. Jose created a happy uneasiness during an interview with Goudet, and engaged in a muscular (and funny) exchange with spin-comedian Mary-Line Jonkas, and wanted to return on Tuesday.

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During an interview with Mary-Line Jonkas who came to present her show Mary-Line’s wonderful springAlexandre Barrett threw some harsh lines when the new host teased him.

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Speaking to Jose Coutinho, who was a guest on the set, the ball really started to roll. Talking about his exit from the show, this week ends wellSo about his possible replacement with Julie Belinger, he began: “It could be a kind of cycle like Alex. [à Tout le monde en parle]It’s a little warmer than Danny Durkot. “

With all the reviewers we know about him, the main stakeholders are not waiting to retaliate: “I still want the confidence of a woman with an estimate of 30,000 … I’m glad to be separated. [de ton émission] Has gone up Everyone is talking about it So people know you have a show.

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The moment is available here:


Apparently, since there was an exchange between the comedians, we suspect that the whole thing was a fair game. But does the audience doubt it?

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Probably the day after this muscle transplant, someone who is currently on tour with his show Half crunchy The problem took over, his Stories Instagram, mention that the whole thing was done in the guise of humor (of course).

“Obviously always in the name of humor. I’m not teasing people I do not like !!!” Wrote. Good. The one who loves well punishes well as the other says.

In addition, the exchange was previously shared by the official page of the show, which states that this is not a part that will disappear.

OK. Great night Everyone is talking about it!

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