Celine Dion was excluded from the list  Fans protested outside the Rolling Stone offices

Celine Dion’s fan group The Red Heads, led by host and producer Julie Snyder, protested outside the magazine’s New York offices. Rollingstone This Friday to protest the diva’s removal from the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time list.

The Celine Dion’s admirers are still reeling from the decision by US magazine’s editorial staff to exclude the diva from the list of the best singers (and not the best voices, the magazine noted) of all time, published on the 1st.R January 2023.

They met in New York, before 6e Avenue, to show their displeasure, sang his songs, “Rolling Stone being stoned “,” Everything comes back to you! “,” Save Celine “,” Celine’s power “,” Celine is no longer alone ” or ” Buy yourself some ears! “.

About fifty fans protested on Friday afternoon, including twenty of Celine’s fans (red heads) and a trip to the Big Apple at the initiative of the host and producer. Julie Snyder and producer for content on the show 4th of July weekE, Charles Lemay.

“Friday morning we tried to get an interview with the magazine’s management, says Julie Snyder, but they refused to talk to us. So around 1 o’clock in the afternoon we started demonstrating with our banners. It was a symbolic demonstration. But we were so loud that TMZ came. Various, which has its offices in the same building, covers the event! »

This message was later taken down New York Post And The IndependentIn other media and social networks.

Photo courtesy of Productions Toros

About fifty fans sang Celine’s songs and held signs protesting the singer’s exclusion from the list compiled by the magazine. Rollingstone.

“Content Manager Rollingstone, Steven Pearl, finally came to see us, says Julie Snyder, and we were told there was no one in the building. We wanted him to explain. Finally he agreed to give us an interview. »

The interview will be aired next Monday Week of 4 Jules (at 21 hours). “We’re going to broadcast it in its entirety, and it’s going to be about five minutes, but we want to focus on the event,” says Julie Snyder. “We literally laid down on the floor, and I told the guy in the lobby that we’re not leaving until we talk to somebody.” Rollingstone ! »

Singers Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday and Mariah Carey rounded out the top five on the list. But other singers include Rihanna (68e), Carrie Underwood (158e), Kelly Clarkson (194e) or Billie Eilish (198e) also lurked in the rankings. How is the administration? Rollingstone Justify Celine’s absence?

“He responded that it wasn’t a question of talent…so he got a little caught up in the explanations. I think he didn’t anticipate people’s reaction. Celine Dion is not a writer, she’s not a composer, but she’s an extraordinary performer. After 9/11, the American people They demanded that Celine sing God save America. He sang at the opening of the Olympic Games in Atlanta. He has won People’s Choice Awards, Grammy Awards, Oscar Awards, American Music Awards etc.

Anyway, to Julie Snyder, team Rollingstone “It’s a small group of happy people who think they’re among them. Because in the top 200, it’s not understandable that Celine is not there. I wonder what artist has managed to get as popular as her among women.

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