Performances: PETiTOM wins Europe

Tommy Tremblay, better known as PETiTOM, saves talent. Since his time at MixMania 2, La Voix, and Revolution, he has continued to have hits.

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Most recently, the versatile artist took on the lead role in the musical Moliere presented at the Dome de Paris.

“We’ve been building this whole show for 8 months and presenting it every few weeks and we’ve received nothing but appreciation,” he assures.

And many viewers said that after attending this moving show, they wanted to reacquaint themselves with the works of this icon of the French language.

“For me, it’s really beautiful music,” says a viewer on social media voxpop. “The whole thing shocked me.”

“You have to be brave to present Moliere in this way, it’s so strong and it’s so successful,” says another.

Touched by these testimonies of the audience, PETiTOM affirms that in presenting this show, the goal is to “reinvent music”, which, according to him, explains the rise of the audience.

“Usually, it’s just music and in this case, we went into rap, slam, singing and dancing,” he says. “As someone who grew up with hip-hop culture, I’m okay with this show.”

Complete product

The artist did not initially audition for the lead role and had to prepare to play Moliere when he finally landed the role. PETiTOM had to study the French-language playwright in depth, but adapt his words to stay true to the role.

“I read his works and went to the Comedie-Française to see plays,” he explains. “I’m immersed in it.”


Despite a large collection of writings, PETiTOM and its director realized that there was very little information about Moliere’s personal life, which made the study of the character difficult.

“So we created a Moliere as imagined and a Moliere of modern times,” he says. “We have a Moliere who does acrobatics and dances, but we are as close as possible to his real story.”


An album is in the works

PETiTOM’s roadmap illustrates his willingness to play multiple levels simultaneously as a singer and dancer.

However, of these feelings, music occupies him the most. The young multi-talented artists are also preparing an album which will be released soon.

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“We scream our lives into music,” he says. “I have a lot to say on this album, so I’m taking my time.”

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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