A statue honoring Camille Laurin was vandalized

A bust of Camille Laurin, the father of the charter of the French language, was chained in what became the second episode of vandalism in three months.

“It’s a shame for us, the people of Quebec. For me it’s an act of racism, I was shocked when I saw it,” denounces Jacques Bertrand, a resident of the Ville-Marie district in Montreal.

Monday, column magazineA bust of Camille Laure on the corner of Sherbrooke and Saint-Urbain streets wears a heavy chain around its neck.

It was tied squarely at the back by a small rope, a sign that it was placed there on purpose, says Marie-Anne Alepin, president of Montreal’s Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society (SSJB), who deserves a gesture of “pity.” “.

“There, it’s a clear sign: it’s a sign of submission, it’s an array of real metal chains and paint, notes M.me Alephin in front of the statue located next to the head office of the Quebecois de la Long Franchise. It’s very serious.”

lack of understanding

Also, August 26 is the 40th daye Anniversary of the adoption of the Charter of the French language, which may contain an annex, Mme Aleph.

“We can say that there is still a kind of lack of understanding in the face of this difference that Quebec has the only official language, French,” continues the president of the SSJB.

Camille Laurin, former deputy minister and minister of the Parti Québécois, did not understand this gesture, because he is not a controversial character and, according to him, he is integrated.

“In May, Camille Laure’s statue was already installed. It was an extraordinary gesture to throw a cake at a beloved character who was not challenged,” said Ms.me Aleph.


At the end of the interview, a citizen, irritated by the chain around the statue’s neck, decided to remove it, but in vain.

A disgruntled citizen, Marcel Choquet, decided to remove the heavy chain.

Photo by Clara Loiseau

“Long live the French language!” exclaimed Marcel Choquet.

For his part, M.me Alebin and the SSJB team plan to clean the statue this morning as they did last May.

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