January 27, 2023


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Stupidity or genius?  Here comes the disposable SSD

Stupidity or genius? Here comes the disposable SSD

Verbatim will introduce select hard drives to the market. In a sense, this will be disposable media, because once written, like CD-R or DVD-R discs, it will not allow the data to be erased.

Let’s face it, once they started appearing in the market high capacity flash memoryOptical media, especially one-time recording, have moved into place. Of course, there are still scenarios in which a disc can be burned, for example playing music on old discs car stereoBut it’s kind of choppy. Usually, when creating a backup or sharing data with another person, we no longer play with discs, but only access a USB flash drive or flash drive.

And this is not surprising, because writing to flash memory is faster than in the case of disks, and in addition, this memory can be used several times. continent the winOne would say. Verbatim is known for its production CD-R and DVD-R discsIt claims, however, that the ability of modern carriers to freely modify the data they contain It’s not always desirable. As noted, there is sometimes a need to create a backup or replica that should not be modified. Meanwhile, auto write lock methods can be unreliable.

Disposable tablets have the solution

yes, SWOVA literal are the new hereby announced series of external SSD drives, which, once saved, They store data for life. More precisely, up to 10 years, the manufacturer assures. Therefore, it is not possible to modify or delete any information on the broker. Write and paint as on burned CD-R or DVD-R discs.

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The hardware specs themselves aren’t particularly amazing. The interface used is USB 3.2 Gen 1, which is a de facto basic USB 3.0 with a transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps. But you don’t need more with the advertiser Sequential writing at the level of 180 MB / s And reading – 540 MB / sec. Let’s add that for now, SWOVA will only be available in one capacity variant, which is very modest, which is 128GB.

However, as mentioned earlier, it’s not all about speed. The most important feature of the program is property controlthat you have been notified will only allow you to write once. Moreover, only through dedicated software dedicated to Windows 11 and 10. Other operating systems are also supported, but only partially, because they are completely global exFAT file system There should be no problems with reading, whether it is on macOS or, for example, Android. Of course, this time without any special software.

When, how much and what

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known when the equipment will appear in stores, let alone at what price we can expect. No doubt whatsoever, in general Single use Verbatima will be there Less profitable than their traditional counterparts. Eventually, by default, if the data it contains is no longer needed, it will end up in the trash. The question of the need for this type of gem, let us leave it open for now. After all, consumers will verify this using their own wallets.

Editors see one plausible, if not necessarily purely consumerist rationale. Japanese law requires – and Verbatim is a Japanese company – Store confirmations of digital transactions for 7 yearsAn intermediary that guarantees data integrity. Until now, plates have been used mainly for this. Naturally, the various offices and agencies around the world should benefit. So, as a co-product, SWOVA isn’t completely inconsequential. The B2C sector is a different matter.

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