Even from space you can see the difference.  The pictures are very impressive

The rains, which, as it turned out, paralyzed almost the entire city, began on Tuesday, April 17. On this day, dark clouds came from the sea, and a huge amount of water fell from them, unprecedented in this region of the world. As a result of these heavy rains, the streets of Dubai turned into raging rivers.

No wonder many Dubai residents were not prepared for such a sudden and dangerous change in weather. Unable to return home by car, many of them spent the night in office buildings or shopping malls. The weather conditions also paralyzed the airport, which is an important transportation hub around the world.

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According to some commentators on the event, this could have been caused by cloud seeding. It has been practiced in the UAE for a long time. However, the matter does not apply to the entire country, but only to its eastern regions. Experts point out that such activities could increase the amount of rain by a maximum of 25%.

When we talk about the Dubai disaster, many more people point to climate change. The Lubusz Storm Hunters team seems to agree with this hypothesis and, out of curiosity, showed before and after photos of the rain. Even from space you can see the massive destruction caused by the element.

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