Europe may encounter unexpected problems.  This is the situation in Niger

Niger is located in the middle of the Sahel region, and it is an important transit point for migrants wishing to reach Europe via Libya. Since 2016, the country has stopped more than 95,000 migrants, mainly in Assamaka, according to a Parisian newspaper.

On Thursday, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will decide how to proceed after the expiration of an ultimatum it addressed to the military junta in Niger, in which it threatened to impose sanctions or even intervene if the perpetrators of the military coup did not do so. Handing over power to the deposed government.

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Europe is concerned about the situation in Niger. It is about immigration

Therefore, the European Union is concerned about the fate of the migration policy, which depends on the decisions of African countries. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the military council accused France of violating the closure of Niger’s airspace. Paris denied the accusations and is calling for the return of the legitimate president, Mohamed Bazoum, to power

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