The beginning of the year is a nightmare for Russians.  The chase still continues

The first days of 2024 are not much different on the Russian-Ukrainian war front from the end of 2023. The Russians attack and die en masse, and the Ukrainians defend themselves and eliminate enemy forces and equipment. The aggressor advances, then loses ground again as Ukrainian armed forces push back and push the Russians east.

If something appears that might interest observers and experts, These are successful hunts by Ukrainian drone pilots for Russian heavy equipment. Recently they managed to destroy the valuable 1K148 Jastreb-AW counter-battery radar for the first time. And now they showed pictures from the third successful attack on the dangerous “Tulip”.

Basically heavy self-propelled mortars 2S4 Tulipan caliber 240 mm.

The rest of the article is below the video

The first case of this type was recorded at the beginning of the year near Donetsk. Specifically in the village of Makijoka, where the Russians tried to hide their “tulips.” The drone immediately tracked it and sent the location to HIMARS, which did its job with pinpoint accuracy. Another “Tulip” was uprooted in Zaporozhye, where drones were also operating.

And now we have the third such case, this time everything happened very dynamically. The occupiers were moving their equipment somewhere on the battlefield when “Tulip” was tracked down. There was no time to send bearings and accurate artillery strikes. The drone operators moved and followed the enemy.

The video shows him hitting the ball in full motion 2S4 Tulip system. And this will be the case.

One of these is a heavy self-propelled mortar At a cost of about $1.5 million.

How long will the war in Ukraine last? Nobody knows this day. The Russians are ready To an exhausting battle until 2026, but the authorities in Kiev accept support and do not intend to give in to the aggressors. To be sure, the Ukrainian-Russian war is already one of the bloodiest conflicts in Russian history.

Moscow lost more than 360 thousand people, The prognosis is more serious.

According to analyst Steven Kopets, if a large number of Vladimir Putin's soldiers continue to die, There will be a breakthrough in Russia itself. The war, which has been going on for almost two years, may end this year if the Russians run out of patience. And equipment, because the attacker has fewer and fewer of them every day.

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