Will seniors lose their driver’s licenses?  European Union ministers took the decision

The Federal Statistical Office reported on Monday 4 December 2023 that when older people are involved in road accidents in Germany, they are more often the main culprits than younger drivers. The office’s calculations show that last year, people aged over 65 were two-thirds (69%) of those responsible for their serious accidents.

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In the case of drivers over 75 years old, the percentage reached 77%. This is more than the group of young drivers aged 18 to 20 who are considered the most dangerous. When they were involved in serious accidents, they were the culprits in 71 percent of the cases. cases.

Causes of various accidents

Statistics show that the most common causes of accidents vary according to age groups. Older people behind the wheel are more likely than younger drivers to be responsible for giving way, as well as for errors when turning, turning or reversing.

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