The revamped park is the best it has been this season.  What about the remaining episodes?

Renewing the bicycle path in the coastal area, which is used by one million people annually. It has delighted many cyclists and skateboarders. New surface between Przino and Zheltkovo Driving comfort has improved significantly, showing that a similar facelift would also be beneficial in other sections, not only in Gdańsk, but also in Sopot and Gdynia. We asked if there was a chance for that.

The coastal promenade between Brzino and Jeheltkovo, built in 2008, was renovated in April. In addition to replacing the worn surface with smooth bituminous mass, the road was widened and problematic humps made of paving stones were leveled in many places.

The only thing that cyclists and skateboarders complain about is the lack of separate lanes, which negatively affects safety during heavy traffic – especially on weekends. Especially since next to Al. Zwycięstwa and Huciska are one of the busiest bike routes in the entire city. It has only been used since the beginning of the year 250 thousand people.

After the opening of the new old road, questions arose about the remaining sections: from the park in Brzezno towards the pier, and from Želitkovo towards Sopot. People using the seaside park also noted that resurfacing would also be beneficial in Sopot and Gdynia.

We checked if there is a chance for this.

Stripes will appear soon

As he says Patrick Rosinskipress spokesman for the Gdańsk Roads and Green Spaces Authority, said no further renovations were planned for the Gdańsk section of the seaside park.

– As for marking, this will be done in the coming weeks – he confirms.

No changes in Sopot, Kulepki Park in Gdynia renovated

Changes in Sopot should not be expected either. It also reminds me Marlena Klebach From the Mayor’s Office The bicycle path in the Sopot coastal strip was completely reconstructed with EU funding in 2019 as part of the EuroVelo International Cycle Route (R-10) construction project.

Then the roof was replaced and the road was widened. Four entertainment areas were also created. He confirms that the road is in good condition and there is currently no need to renew it.

The renovation is scheduled in Gdynia. As he admits Jacob FurcalGdynia Cycling Officer The asphalt part of the cycle path in Gdynia, 1.5 km long, running along the street, is in good condition and does not need renovation.

Changes are planned for Kolibki Park.

– The road was constructed in 2011, and does not have any defects or cracks, and therefore there are no repair works planned in this place. However, the unevenness in the concrete cube was reported to be fixed under the commissioning order. As for other renovation works on the surface of bicycle paths in the coastal area, they are scheduled to take place in May in Kulipki Park – Jakub Furkal reports.

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