No, the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 have not been sued for playing too well

The hit on TikTok & lstrok; Yesterday a video called & lstrok; & zdot; Larian’s studio sued & lstrok; by a competitor & lstrok; because & zdot; Baldur’s Gate 3 is very good & aogon; gr & aogon. And it makes other publishing companies look & zdot; & zacute; le.

The lawsuit “has” demands, such as discrediting the video game market before Making a game that actually works and unfairly increases players’ expectations because & zdot; raises the bar very high & eogon; “ The narrator is reassured by reading the text that may have been prepared by artificial intelligence.

It looks like & sacute; ć clear & zdot; art, as well as & zdot; Comment on how & zdot; Baldur’s Gate 3 is simply a success & aogon; production aogon;. Just as interesting & aogon; what looks like & aogon; To ensure that the competition will claim a total of $ 100 billion in compensation from Larian for damage to the image.

W & lstrok; o & lstrok; All the fun, a The video has been liked more than 25,000 times. This & zdot; More than a thousand comments, some of which are & zdot; & ago; to sacrifice; & cacute. ś funny because & zdot; &Tail; realize & zdot; We are dealing with a joke.


This is an amazing turn of events for Baldur’s Gate 3 developers Larian Studios! Do you think it’s right, gamingtiktok? # bald 3 # Oh, Lord # Laristudios # Hahaha #gamingcommunity # games #pcgaming #retweet # recitation

♬ original sound – Gaming with Stazima

It’s time to boycott all the companies that are some & sacute; ś & ago; This suit. G&lstroke; Slip your wallets! “ – Certain “homesick” calls in the most popular entry. If it finds support, the unusual “fake news” may have translation into EA or Ubisoft’s results. who & cacute; sue then? The authors of the clip?

“What… a lawsuit to make a hit game? Awesome.” – amazed and eogon; “surly.” Interestingly, the author of the clip – “Stazimia” – also & zdot; seems & eogon. by & cacute; convinced that & zdote; tell the truth & eogon; and a ę many people donate & eogon; in the comments. It turns out & eogon; , ż Just pretend.

“Dude, I can’t & eogon; search for & zacute; & cacute; & no more information about this suit” – notes one of the most rational spectators. “Yes, keep ł written as support for this spelling, but I see & eogon;, & zdot; already & zdot; it decoded ł e & sacute;” – detect & lstrok; originator.

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