Low indexing is back.  This is what awaits retirees next year

Double-digit pension increase – This is what retirees have become accustomed to in recent years. Valuations have broken records due to accelerating inflation – remember the “fact”.

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The Polish National Bank provided the latest forecasts showing this Prices will no longer rise at this crazy pace. – We managed to bring inflation to the target – announced the head of the National Central Bank, Adam Glabinski, on Thursday. According to NBP analysts, inflation this year will reach 3.55 percent, in 2025 – 3.60 percent, and in 2026 – 2.90 percent. Despite these optimistic expectations, the Monetary Policy Council did not decide to reduce interest rates, which affect the size of loan installments.

Of course, this lower inflation is good news, because the purchases will eventually not drain your wallet. but For retirees, this also means smaller pension increases. If National Bank analysts' forecasts come true, next year's pension increases could reach only 3.55%. This would be a record low indexing – We read in “The Truth”.

From March of this year the minimum pension increased from PLN 1,000. 588 PLN and 44 PLN to 1000 PLN. Total 780 PLN and 96 PLN, i.e. 192 PLN and 52 PLN total. Next year, the minimum pension may be increased to PLN 1,000. 844 PLN and 18 gross, i.e. 63 PLN only 22 – Daily census.

But there will be no second indexing?

– According to the government's plans, the second indexation is to be a form of support for beneficiaries in times of high inflation – says Dr. Marcin Wojciudka, legal and economic advisor, in an interview with FACT. – Therefore, if inflation turns out to have fallen significantly, the regulations will not apply this year. However, they should be implemented for future work – adds the expert.

The government has not yet taken a decision on protective measures such as the zero VAT rate on food, which is in effect until the end of March, or on a freeze on energy prices. This will have an impact on inflation. If shields are not provided, The inflation rate may reach about 5 percent this year. – We read in “The Truth”.

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