Cassia Tusk got a special gift from her husband!  He paid 22 thousand for the gems.  Zloty!

cassia task In 2014, she said “yes” to Stanisław Kodny. The couple lived to seetwo daughters: Liliana the eldest and the younger girl, whose name they decided not to reveal in public. Recently, Donald Tusk’s daughter has had moments of terror.

Just before the New Year, Kasia reported that she and her daughter were taken to a hospital in Gdansk. The blogger revealed in an emotional Instagram post that the situation was really serious and the whole thing was going on for hours.

Tusk had told her before The child was infected with the Corona virusUnfortunately, the following infection turned out to be very dangerous for her. Fortunately, the girl’s health improved and Kasia and her daughter managed to leave the hospital.

The star is very active on Instagram and is in constant contact with her fans. This time she praised the good news! It turns out that the husband gave Cassia a special gift!

blogger Picture of the iconic Chanel 19 bag. A model made of lambskin costs approx 5700 dollars! I must admit that Stanisław Kodny did not spare a gift for his beloved.

How do you like it?

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