Encourage blueberries to grow.  Three useful tricks

.blueberry Its fruits can be enjoyed even from June to September. However, we must remember several important aspects. Learn the tricks that will allow you to estimate the value of your plot of land.

How to make blueberries contain a lot of fruit? Choose a good variety

The first step to consider is When the raspberry does not bear fruitThere is a choice of a variety. There is currently a wide range of shrub types on the market, so we can choose the one that best suits our needs. Varieties may differ in resistance to frost, diseases, yield, taste and even fruit size.

When we care fruit taste, We must choose the varieties:

  • blue jay,

  • pomos,

  • chandler,

  • earlyblue,

  • Jersey.

However, the larger, therefore Best quality fruit We get varieties like:

  • berkeley,

  • blue rays,

  • chandler,

  • Daru,

  • Spartan.

On the other side The most numerous groups Varieties will provide us:

  • blue group,

  • bluegold,

  • Eliot,

  • Don't get wet,

  • Nelson.

Fertilize blueberries – this is how you will ensure a bountiful harvest of fruits

Blueberries should be fertilized with the following: Mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen. Thanks to them, we can contribute to expanding the blueberry vegetation. However, we must remember to stop using it in mid-June. Fertilizing them after this period may cause the shrubs to freeze.

In the fall we fertilize blueberries with products containing phosphorus. Thanks to him we will strengthen the plant before winter and make it resistant to low temperatures.

It is worth feeding blueberries with natural and environmentally friendly soil enrichment agents. Fertilizers that increase soil acidity are especially valuable. It must be remembered that proper pH is crucial for blueberries because it allows them to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Blueberry fruits – how to increase the yield?

Blueberries should be fertilized with natural fertilizers, including: plant slurry from nettle or coffee grounds. Thanks to them, we will be able to feed the bush effectively and inexpensively, and we will also avoid the risk of over-fertilizing the soil. Home methods for acidifying the soil will also work. You can use citric acid or bread peel for this purpose.

It must be remembered that raspberry bushes must also be covered. It is worth doing this using the bark of coniferous trees, because it has soil acidifying properties. You will not only protect the plant's roots from frost, but will also enrich the soil with humus and improve its pH.

Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for blueberries123RF/pixel

How to stimulate berry growth and fruiting? All you need is the right cut

Direct impact on Fruiting berries He has the right cut. Thanks to him we can get rid of old shoots that do not bear fruit and make room for new ones. Pruning should be done in the fall or at the end of winter. February and March are the time to form a bush.

Cutting berries isn't just limited to Remove last year's shoots, but also get rid of frozen, diseased and weak shoots. We also cut off any shoots that intersect or creep up. Keep in mind that in the case of blueberries, fewer branches may mean more and better quality fruit. The center of the bush should be relatively empty before spring. This will ensure that all branches get light and free airflow. Pruning before the growing season is crucial if we want to obtain abundant fruits and a healthy plant.

Basic rules for growing raspberries

while Raspberry cultivation We must remember that The best way to ensure in-season fruit is to care for the bush properly and regularly. We grow blueberries in sunny places, where the soil is light, humus and moist.

The main activities in raspberry care

The main activities in raspberry care123RF/pixel

blueberry It must be watered regularly and abundantly because it does not tolerate drought well. You can use rainwater for this purpose as it is slightly acidic. Proper humidity is especially important when the plant is in the fruit-setting stage – during this period it may need more water.

During fruiting We must remember to pick blueberries regularly. If left on the bush, they may deteriorate and worsen.

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