The couple smashed the toilet wall.  They did not expect such a scene

Elisha Bexler – who deals with safe bee removal and relocation of their nests daily – often shares her interventions on social media. The American regularly uploads videos to the “howsyourdayhoney3” profile on TikTok.

A woman tries to take care of insects and people who may be in danger. Her profile is followed by nearly 800 thousand. people, so her videos often have hundreds of thousands of likes. Such was the case with her last video, which caused quite a stir among her fans.

Single family home owners They are tired of bugs buzzing behind the wall And I decided to seek help from a specialist. However, they and Elisha Bixler herself did not anticipate what they would see under the bathroom tiles.

It turns out that The bees built a huge nest in a home toilet with a height of 210 cm and it can be safely called a honey plant. The author of the recording showed huge spots of honey and it was enough that she gently pressed them with her finger, and the fruits of the work of insects began to flow. The American also offered a special cage in which the queen bee hid.

The popularity of this video is also quite amazing as it has been viewed more than 3.3 million times. In another recording, it showed the process of dismantling the wall and removing useful insects’ nest elements.

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