The Russian prisoner of war spoke.  He's only talking about huge losses - o2

As the soldier said in an interview with Ukrainian journalists: The unit of the invaders was stationed near the famous airport until the Ukrainian armed forces began to attack the enemy with artillery.

The Russians suffered heavy losses

Speaking of Chornobayivka, the soldier initially argued that it was not true, that the Russians were returning to their old positions after a while, again under fire from the Ukrainians. He admitted, however, that when he was in positions in this region, he witnessed numerous losses on the part of the invaders.

Then the Russians, by order of the command, withdrew “into the forests.” – On March 15, yes, a lot of equipment was blown up due to direct injuries – said the captive. At the same time, he confirmed that they suffered heavy losses that day.

They completely destroyed Chornobayivka – the personnel who were there and military equipment. But after about 1.5 – 2 hours of bombing, the soldiers returned directly to their positions, the Russians admitted.

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Loaded with truck bodies

The prisoner of war stated that only two were killed on the side of the Russian National Guard in which he fought. But the ranks of the army from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation were very weak – his colleague noticed two Ural trucks loaded with corpses.

They were soon caught and led away as the bombing continued. Apparently, they took her home, returned her to the families of the victims – he said.

Andrei Flair, who spoke to Ukrainian journalists, comes from Altai Krai in the Russian Federation. He was called up for the war in Ukraine from the military unit 6942. It is the 39th Marine Division of the National Guard, registered in the city of Kerch in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Chornobayivka “will be recorded in the history of wars”

Russian forces have controlled Chornobayvka Airport near Kherson, southern Ukraine, since February 27. Already on the first day of the Russian occupation, the Ukrainians fired on the invaders with Bayraktar drones. Then – and with surprising regularity to many military experts – they destroyed the helicopters and other equipment that the Russians had placed there.

Already in the second half of March, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, estimated that “Chornobayevka will enter the history of wars.” The head of the Ukrainian state stressed at the time that “this is where the Russian soldiers and their commanders showed what they are – incompetent and ready to send their men to their deaths.”

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