Electricity Prices 2024. Capacity Charges Rise, Bureau of Energy Regulation Announces Prices

Capacity charges up. The Energy Regulatory Office (URE) announced on Friday the prices for 2024. Monthly fees range from PLN 2.66 net to PLN 14.90 net depending on the level of electricity consumption. The capacity charge is a component of the electricity bill.

The capacity charge appeared on electricity bills in January 2021. The capacity charge is also called the energy security charge.

“It is a product of the Capacity Market Law adopted in 2017, which introduced a mechanism to reward energy producers for their willingness to supply energy to the grid. The main justification for implementing the new regulations was the need to ensure energy stability and security,” explained the Energy Regulatory Office.

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Capacity charges in 2024

The flat rate charge applies to all consumers of tariff group G, including households and energy consumers of tariff group C1, with a required power of up to 16 kilowatts (kW).

In 2023, capacity charge rates range from PLN 2.38 to PLN 13.35 net per month for fixed-rate customers and PLN 0.1024 per kWh for others. Fees will rise in 2024.

For electricity consumption of less than 500 kWh, the net will be PLN 2.66 per month (currently PLN 2.38), from 500 kWh to 1,200 kWh – PLN 6.39 (currently PLN 5.72), from 1,200 kWh. Up to 2800 kWh – 10.64 PLN (currently 9.54 PLN), more than 2800 kWh – 14.90 PLN (currently 13.35 PLN).


The fee amount for non-fixed-price customers depends on the amount of energy they consume during specific hours of the day and the individual consumption curve, i.e. the difference between energy consumption during peak demand hours and consumption during the remaining hours. from today.

The law distinguishes between four groups of consumers: the group in which the difference between the amount of energy consumed on workdays during specific hours of the day and outside these hours is less than 5%, and the group in which this difference is not less than 5%. And less than 10 percent, and another in which the difference is not less than 10 percent. And less than 15 percent, and the fourth group, where the difference is not less than 15 percent.

“For other groups of consumers, next year the charge rate will depend on the amount of electricity taken from the grid at specific hours during the day (on working days from 7:00 a.m. to 9:59 p.m.) and will amount to PLN 0.1267./kWh,” it reads. Advertisement URE.

Changes from 2028

The Energy Regulatory Bureau announced that until the end of 2027 there will be a division into fixed customers for whom the amount of the capacity fee will depend on annual electricity consumption and others for whom energy consumption will depend during the hours announced by the head of the Energy Regulatory Bureau for peak demand hours.

However, from 1 January 2028, there will be no fixed prices, and for all energy consumers, including households, capacity charges will depend on the consumption profile (the more stable the profile, the lower the charges).

The cost of the capacity market in 2023 is approximately PLN 5.3 billion. The volume of contracted capacity commitments at auctions for 2024 is approximately PLN 6.1 billion.

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