Giertych with an appeal regarding Lotos.  Orlin's immediate reaction

The merger debate. Orlin responds

NIK claims so Orlen sold part of Lotos' assets in 2022 to Saudi Aramco for PLN 7.2 billion less than its value.. According to auditors, the Saudis did not just buy shares in Lotus at a lower value.

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Gertich described the above results as “absolutely outrageous.” – The situation in which the government sold the most important assets of Lotos for PLN 5-7 billion less than its value is unprecedented. We were dealing with perhaps the biggest economic scandal – said MP KO.

We call on the National Attorney General and the Attorney General to take the necessary measures ex officio. I'm scheduled to meet with the prosecutor next week. We will discuss the possibility of canceling the deal – added.

Orlene herself quickly responded to these statements by issuing a statement.

“Such statements have no basis in reality.” – Orlene convinces.

“The speculation regarding ORLEN's acquisition of Grupa Lotos, which was used during today's conference, is based on the report of the Supreme Audit Office, which has not even been published. We confirm once again that It is not known what documents were taken into account and what methodology NIK auditors used. Without this, it is impossible to assess the reliability of the allegations made by the Financial Supervision Bureau. Since this cannot be stated, the repetition of these allegations is, in the opinion of the company, unreliable in itself and is only intended to undermine confidence in the company and its activities,” we read in Orlin’s press release.

“like It is harmful to talk about canceling the deal. “It was concluded in accordance with the provisions of the law and confirmed by Polish and European institutions,” the company added.

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